Designers Guide to SEO - #Infographic

A Web Designers Guide to SEO

When it comes to web design most designers, not all do not design for SEO. It's usually two separate talents. Hell! It's usually two separate departments that is if they exist under the same roof within the same Marketing company. Let's face it the reality is that most designers are not SEO experts and most SEO experts do not understand creative design. One writes the book, and the other creates the cover, forward, names the chapters, and writes the title based on the content, and then markets the masterpiece to the publisher for expansive readership.

A website is an online book. Many have seemed to forget a simple concept when it comes to website design and SEO. We need to get back to the breakdown of a tangible book to understand SEO and what the search engines really want. Don't over complicate what a website is supposed to be.

A great book with a contents section (site pages). These pages are broken out with (chapters) aka headings and in-page references (site links to internal and external pages). A well-designed book with interesting and engaging content is the forefather of the modern-day website. Web market Power is dedicated to assisting both SEO and Design find a common union. - Read some of our other Articles on SEO.

Written by:
Jason Ring
Web Design and SEO Expert

- Below is an infographic related to this Design/SEO concept. From


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